Upon a suggestion of our members, we contacted the Special Education School of Katerini to launch a collaborative project. We were warmly embraced by both children and staff and thus embarked on a common journey.

The goal of the project was to organise artistic and cultural events addressed to the pupils, bringing the school closer to the local community so that they get to know each other in a fruitful interaction. The activities highlighted the multifaceted mission of school teachers and promoted the healing effects of art on the human soul, while allowing the members of Lalitsa to get a glimpse of the day-to-day school routine of the young pupils, who never give up against all odds.

December was a month full of colourful events: we run activities around traditional theatre, physical theatre, circus-theatre for children and creative Christmas decorations workshops using natural and recycled materials.


Funding for the events was secured thanks to donations by companies and private individuals and covered the expenses of the theatre groups and the materials used at the creative workshops. In exchange, the donor companies and individuals received hand-made Christmas decorations to offer to their clients or their loved ones.

Who stands to benefit from this project?

  1. The Special Education Kindergarten, its pupils and teachers, as well as everybody involved. The school itself benefits from incoming expertise, thanks to holding at its premises new types of events addressed to its pupils, while the local community finds out more about the school and members of all social groups get interested and more involved. For the members of Lalitsa this is an opportunity to come into direct contact with the pupils and work with them in the framework of artistic workshops.
  2. This is an environmentally friendly activity, as only natural or recycled materials are used at the Christmas decorations workshops.
  3. Companies and citizens can make a donation for a good cause and receive in exchange beautiful, high-quality Christmas decorations to offer as gifts, ensuring in this way visibility for the school and sending out a message of selfless support to our fellow citizens.