An idea

Greece, our home, our roots…so many notions and images spring to mind: lush nature, dazzling sunlight, rich history and culture, genuinely traditional cuisine, straightforward and unpretentious people…

These notions gradually turned into an idea… and the idea took the form of Lalitsa, a non-profit association, a group of people determined to showcase all the above facets of Greece and to implement good practices in a number of fields, including the environment, ο culture and education .
Lalitsa in turn takes on the task of serving a good cause by bringing together responsible world citizens and local communities, multiplying their potential and leaving a positive footprint.

We are all fellow travelers on this fascinating journey in a search for resources, approaches and solutions through easy to implement yet effective actions. 


Lalitsa is a small aerophone, a wind musical instrument that looks like a whistle and is being used in Greek folk music for many centuries. It has the shape of a spherical pot or vessel and is alternatively called nerosfyrichtra (water-whistle), aidonaki (little nightingale) or koukos (cuckoo).

It has been used to decorate small and concave ceramics or the animal-shaped handles of sphepherds’ crooks. It has a mouthpiece and usually is half-filled with water: as the air is blown in, it reverberates on the water surface and produces the sound.

Ιn a similar vein, Lalitsa Non-Profit Association aspires to function as a sound producing vessel that will make our joint efforts resonate, like a water-whistle where water and oxygen interact to create a unique symphony between man and nature that will serve a truly good cause! !

Actions for a good cause

We make a careful selection of actions in several fields, such as the environment, education and culture. We identify a good cause, we pool resources and promote good practices. We rely on state-of-the-art communication tools like social media to promote the outcomes of our actions to the broadest possible audience for the greatest possible benefit for all involved. We try to set a good example for others to follow and carry out similar actions. Our methods are not copyrighted, so feel free to replicate!




You see something great in other countries and say: what a pity not to have something like this in Greece?
Become a member and help us change.
Do you feel the productive anger?

…ἂν ὁ ἄνθρωπος εἶναι κάτι λιγότερο ἀπὸ ἐλεύθερος, τότε γίνεται κάτι λιγότερο κι ἀπὸ ἄνθρωπος.

Kallistos Ware - Episkopos Dioklias
“ουκ εν τη κτήση των αγαθών αλλ’ εν τη χρήση το μεγ’ έστιν” – «Σημασία δεν έχει να αποκτάς αγαθά αλλά πως τα χρησιμοποιείς»

Η πίστη στα κοινά ιδανικά και η εμπιστοσύνη μεταξύ μας, μας δίνουν την πραγματική ασφάλεια για το μέλλον.

Dimos Avdeliodis