Why join Lalitsa?

Your membership can have a multiplying effect: by joining forces in a collective effort, we call all achieve the best possible results that will promote our shared ideals.

Additionally, all members of “Lalitsa” enjoy special privileges:

  • Standard discount on all “Lalitsa” actions, goods and services.

  • Priority access to goods and services made available free of charge to the broad public.

  • Participation in the Volunteer Network of the Company.
  • Join the facebook team

  • The right to join our research programmes, our food tasting activities and the trial phases of various methods of crafting goods or delivering services or other actions that promote the goals of “Lalitsa”.

  • Registered members receive regular updates on our upcoming activities and information on priority access to them.

How do I become a supporter?

Before joining, it would be useful to read the Candidate Members’ Prospectus

A unique offer to meet for the next
new members – supporters

Fill in the registration form and join now!

If you register now and pay the one-off membership fee of €30 (for natural or legal persons), you will receive FREE OF CHARGE an excellent

book “Απλά και Διαφορετικά”, a gift worth €10,90