One of the main aims of our organization is to support small and yet effective environmental actions and projects with low costs, but big positive impact on the species and their habitats.
Thus, for two years in a row, we support Ilias Strachinis’ project “Save Ithaca’s Green Toad”. A short introduction to the project

As the project’s name obviously states, it’s about saving the last residual population of Green Toad (Bufotes viridis) on Ithaca, which for the last 20 years was considered extinct from the island, but recently rediscovered by Ilias’ team. The main target of the project is to restore the Green Toad’s habitat by building breeding ponds at suitable places so the few remaining toads can multiply and expand!
You can be a part of this! For every small or big donation of yours to Lalitsa to support Ilias’ project we double the amount and offer it to the cause! This is ensured by our big sponsor on this project, Fraport Greece HQ, up to the target amount of 1,500 €!

Quick Tips:
* Our campaign is valid till 30/04/2020
** The whole amount will be given to Ilias Strahinis for the purposes decribed and there will be no administration costs or other expences
*** You could participate by donations of any amount to GR7801103730000037300726801 (National Bank of Greece – ETHNGRAA) with the code ‘Ithaka’ or to paypal account: