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International Bat night 2019 @ Mount Olympus.
A project about Bats and their importance. Information and discussion about bats plus a walk to observe and hear them through special equipment.
We will meet around 6pm at the Refuge “Dimitrios Boundolas” aka “Stavros” at an altitude of 930 m and there will be first an information session about bats and their importance by Dr. Ioanna Salvarina, Biologist, who will also explains a bit about bat acoustic monitoring and will show scientific equipment used for that purpose. Then there will be time for open discussion, where we can correct misconceptions about bats and talk about good practices. At the sunset time we will not only enjoy the great view but we will also walk around the Refuge using acoustic bat monitoring equipment and smartphones with the echometer module that transforms them in bat detectors. We will hopefully detect bats, observe them, listen to them and record their calls. We will end our bat night, at Enipea’s Canyon, near Litochoro where we can observe bats flying close to the river.
The event will be hold mainly in Greek but with translation in English or/and German, if necessary.

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