About us

Hi everybody! My name is Mary Green and I’m a real craft and handmade admirer. I want to share my thoughts, findings, style tips and cute accessories with like-minded people. I’m sure if you are passionate with decoration, style, elegance, beauty and handmade, you’ll find a lot of interesting information and have a great time.

My story begins in 2010 when I tried patchwork and have made many beautiful pillows and successfully presented tnem to all my frinds. I found it very fascinating to spend my time doing different lovely things that can decorate people’s homes and contain a piece of my soul. I started attending handmade websites, fairs and shops adsorbing ideas, experience and useful tips. Now I know many techniques, materials and handmade shops, and I can create nice tiny decorative objects for my family and for other people who like it. When I decided to start my blog I noticed that there are spheres in handmade that nobody have ever highlighted. So I started to collect information, add my own watching, my experince and my findings, and began writing articles and blog posts that may be useful for such startuppers as I was.

In my blog you can find tutorials with detailed photos, information about handmade stores and fairs, information about my collegues and friends. I also provide my followers with special offers, coupon codes and discounts on my exclusive handmade goods!

I aim to make it easy to buy what you really want. My handmade collection represents a highly selective mix of jewelry, textile design objects, fashion accessorises, and just lovely little things that can make your life brighter! I am also so pleased to be working with my frinds – fabulous makers of contemporary craft. I hope you will join us in supporting and promoting our handmade skills.
I am happy to hear my followers opinion about my works! You can write me if there are topics you want me to tell more and to give you information. I will gladly create something new as I am opened to any ideas and I like trying new techniques and creating new adorable handmade objects!